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Aspiring Mother Support

Delivering Hope is built on the foundational idea of support. We define support in many ways and we understand the critical difference the right kind of support can make at the right time-- a deep conversation, help with practical details, regular words of encouragement, or just a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on. As aspiring mothers, support for all we’ve been through so far and our role within the surrogacy journey is often overlooked. While we are filled with gratitude and joy that our family will soon be whole, we’ve likely just been through months, if not years of infertility struggles and hurdles that probably included many disappointments and losses. At Delivering Hope we will never take for granted the mountain you’ve already climbed as an aspiring mother to get to this point in your journey. We feel that offering support, counseling and a platform that allows you to heal from all you’ve been through is paramount, not only for your own well-being but to also help foster a strong connection with your surrogate during this process and for years to come. For these reasons, Delivering Hope will support its aspiring mothers in the following ways:

-Monthly support group for aspiring mothers held via video conference

-24/7 Facebook support group

-Access to Mary and Cat at most reasonable times of the day via phone, Skype, or in person depending on your location

-Support and communication for your spouse through two spouses who have been there, done that. Cat’s husband, Silas, and Mary’s husband, Wes, are available for questions, advice, support, and encouragement

-Lactation induction consulting and coaching with Mary, which she successfully did with her twins, Vivian and Reed

-And much more!