Application Phase

We are so excited at the prospect of sharing our personal journey with you and supporting you through yours. Please fill out the short form under the Aspiring Parents Getting Started tab. Mary and Cat will be in touch within 24 hours with the Aspiring Parents application/profile form following the initial phone consultation. Once the form is completed we will review to make sure Delivering Hope is a great match for you. An Agency Retainer Agreement will be sent to you along with all outlined fees. Please return this form along with the Agency Retainer Fee and Delivering Hope will then be representing you on your surrogacy journey! 

Matching Phase

Next, you'll be ready to review some of our surrogate profiles! Once you've selected a profile, we will schedule an interview via a 4-way phone call including yourselves, the potential surrogate, Mary and Cat.  You will all be asked a series of questions in order to get to know each other. Once the interview is over, if both parties agree to move forward, a match is made! Both parties will sign a matching sheet outlining expectations and requirements. The aspiring parents will then pay the first Partial Agency Fee and contact information is exchanged. 


Aspiring Parents will undergo a criminal background check paid for by Delivering Hope, which the potential surrogate and her partner have already done as well. The surrogate and her partner will undergo psychological and medical screenings paid for by the Aspiring Parents at this time. The Aspiring Parents will also do an interview with the psychologist completing the evaluation for the surrogate and her partner. Once these screenings are passed, the second Partial Agency Payment will be paid and you begin the contract phase.

Contract Phase

The contract will be presented to both you and the surrogate. You will be represented by the attorney we connect you with. Delivering Hope will help provide representation to the surrogate as well, paid by you, the aspiring parents. The contract is reviewed to make sure you are clear on your responsibilities and expectations. We will be here to assist you with any questions or concerns that arise. Once contracts are signed your surrogate can begin medications in preparation for the transfer.

Embryo Transfer

The fertility clinic will send you and the surrogate a calendar outlining her medication and appointment schedule in preparation for the transfer. Medications will be ordered and bloodwork done. After it is confirmed that the surrogate's lining is optimal via ultrasound, the transfer date/time will be confirmed. The transfer will take place at the fertility clinic chosen by you, the aspiring parents.  Travel for the surrogate will most likely be necessary, which the aspiring parents will pay for and resting 1-2 days after transfer will likely be required. Mary and Cat will assist in booking any and all travel arrangements and accommodations for the surrogate and aspiring parents, if necessary. 


About 10 days post-transfer, pregnancy will be confirmed via a blood test. The surrogate will have several appointments with a clinic or lab to monitor hormone levels. An ultrasound will be scheduled for 6 to 8 weeks to confirm a heartbeat(s). Around the 8th week of pregnancy the surrogate will be transferred to an obstetrician in the area where she resides. 


Delivering Hope will continue to support you and the surrogate throughout the entire pregnancy. We will check up on you periodically and want you to contact us any time for anything you need. We believe in a high level of communication to make this the best possible journey for everyone. If you choose to induce lactation, Mary will start working with you on that process 6 months before the due date. 

Birth & Beyond

Several weeks before delivery we will make sure all appropriate forms have been submitted to the hospital and that the hospital is aware of the circumstances and will make all necessary accommodations. By this time everyone’s expectations for the delivery will have been discussed in detail so there will be no surprises in the delivery room or afterwards.   

For most aspiring parents, you may be able to take baby home within just a few days! A few final legal forms will be signed in the hospital with your attorney. In some states, a court date will be set for your surrogate to redact her name from the birth certificate.  We will work closely with your attorney to make sure this process all goes smoothly, you will be enjoying time with baby!