Thankful Thursday (on Friday)

adjective (of person) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

Tuesday morning, like 7,099 other homes in Newport County, Rhode Island, we woke up to a house with no heat. The thermostat in our living room read 28 degrees. It was 7 degrees outside with a “feels like” of negative 17. Gas service had been turned off because of a malfunction that could lead to a catastrophe. A state of emergency was declared by the governor and the National Guard were walking the streets telling folks it wasn’t safe to stay in our homes. And here we are – Friday morning – living in our second hotel room with no real end in sight.

Tired, stressed and annoyed but so thankful I have two little reminders of what resiliency looks like. When all else fails Mom, just wear your coat 24/7, like Viv (just in case the heat goes out here too) and enjoy another show, like Reed. To them, it’s a fun adventure…so for a moment I allow it to be for me as well.

-Mary Kennerly, Founder + Former Intended Mother