Thankful Thursday - Kindness

Thankful Thursday - Kindness

 “I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.” - Lady Gaga

In the early days of Delivering Hope, we had an amazing couple come to us to help them with their surrogacy journey. We fell in love with them immediately and we couldn’t wait to see them become parents. Miraculously, they became pregnant naturally just as we were presenting surrogates to them for their journey. We were OVER-THE-MOON happy for them. I remember actually crying when they told me because I knew how much they had been through, a story quite similar to my own. I was also a bit sad because I wouldn’t be able to talk to them on an almost daily basis anymore. Little did I know, the bond had set, Delivering Hope wasn’t going anywhere – and this amazing couple still wanted us to stay a part of their journey to parenthood – just in the role of supporters, cheerleaders, advice givers for newborns and most of all, friends.  

The love and connections that have been built from my own infertility battle, and then from Cat and my surrogate journey, never ceases to amaze me. Delivering Hope was born because Cat and I felt compelled to guide and support others going through infertility at the deepest level, regardless if they needed our services or not. Today we are eternally grateful for two amazing soon-to-be parents that mean the world to us.

And they seem to like us a little bit too….

“Mary and Cat were very friendly and approachable and from our initial phone consultation we knew we were in good hands. It was clear to us that Delivering Hope was formed because Mary and Cat have a passion for helping couples through their surrogacy journeys. They offer such unique and valuable expertise as both an intended mother and her surrogate. We knew that throughout our journey, there would be support both for us as intended parents and for our gestational carrier, which was extremely important to us.

Mary and Cat made us feel that surrogacy could be both do-able and exciting. They gave us hope at the end of a tiring journey, where we felt defeated and far from our goal of being parents.”

--Sarah & Aron