Why I Became a Surrogate

I wanted to share the back story of why I decided to become a surrogate.  A few years ago I watched my sister and her husband struggle to become pregnant.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  Here I am watching my two children run around telling her how sorry I was, helpless to do anything to solve her problem.  It didn't seem fair that I had children so easily and she couldn't.  After almost two years I told her that if she was unable to get pregnant, that I would carry for her.  Eventually after a couple rounds of IVF she did get pregnant.  This experience opened my eyes to the heartbreaking reality of infertility.

This reality stirred up compassion in me for families who wanted children but couldn't have them.  It became an overwhelming burden on me to do something about what I perceived as an injustice.  When I set my heart on becoming a surrogate I would daydream about the moment at the end of the journey when I would hand a child to waiting parents in this intimate, emotional exchange, watching someones dreams come true.  It still gives me goosebumps every time I think of it.  

This decision ended with the beautiful exchange of healthy twins, a friendship that feels more like family and a new purpose in helping other passionate surrogates and struggling families.