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Through the extraordinary bond we share with our surrogate, Cat, and her family, my husband Wes and I are the parents of beautiful twins, a boy and a girl. I hold an MA in Clinical Psychology and I’ve worked for 14 years in finance and investor relations, and my husband is a US Navy fighter pilot. Our journey with infertility was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, hands down. I’ve always been a perfectionist, and before this, there was nothing I had set out to do that I wasn’t able to accomplish. In infertility and multiple pregnancy losses, I felt like my body had failed me, us, and the family we were trying to build. There was a lot of pain and shame built into all of that loss, but ultimately it has pushed me to connect with others in similar situations. I credit this experience with helping me discover my true purpose—to partner with Cat and our amazing community of experts, in guiding aspiring mothers through their surrogacy journey.

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My husband Silas and I have two beautiful children, and when I watched my sister struggle with infertility, I felt that it wasn’t fair. How could this thing that had come so easily to me be denied to others? Volunteering a year of my life to be a surrogate was a call from my faith, and one of those moments where you just “know that you know that you know.” I also learned so much from drawing on the support of a community of friends who understood what we were doing and came alongside to help us. I feel so fortunate that the relationship between our two families is such a powerful one—I’ve followed many career paths in my life, but the chance to start a project in partnership with Mary is one I’m passionate and excited about. I believe we can do great things together!

We feel honored to share your journey with you! 

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