Surrogate Support

Delivering Hope is built on the foundational idea of support. We define support in many ways and we understand the critical difference the right kind of support can make at the right time-- a deep conversation, help with practical details, regular words of encouragement, or just a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on. Surrogacy can be challenging in many surprising ways and it’s important that you feel supported at every point in your journey.  We want to be the guideposts but also the traveling partner walking alongside you. You have wholeheartedly taken on the task of helping someone else’s dreams become reality, and we want to be there for you and show how much your selflessness is appreciated. For these reasons, Delivering Hope will support its surrogates in the following ways:

-Monthly support group for surrogates held in Coeur D’Alene.

-24/7 Facebook support group

-Access to Mary and Cat at most reasonable times of the day via phone, Skype, or in person depending on your location

-$80 for weekly housekeeping expenses after week 32 for singletons and week 26 weeks for multiples

-$250,000 Life Insurance policy for the peace of mind of you and your family

-Support and communication for your spouse through two spouses who have been there, done that. Cat’s husband, Silas, and Mary’s husband, Wes, are available for questions, advice, support, and encouragement.

-$500 personalized gift at the end of the journey for you to enjoy and reflect on what you’ve just accomplished

-Coordination of a meal train and or help with childcare, transportation, and shopping (in cooperation with your friends, family, church and support community) for 1 week postpartum (because you deserve time to heal-- you’ve just given birth!)

-And much, much more!