Delivering Hope offers a unique perspective unlike any other in the surrogate industry.  The agency was born after Mary and Cat, who were once strangers, were brought together through their surrogacy journey, and then realized their mutual passion to help others on this same path. Mary struggled with infertility herself, and knows the depths of what every aspiring parent has gone through emotionally, psychologically and physically. Combining personal experience with her extensive background in psychology, Mary brings to the table an unparalleled understanding, deep empathy, and knowledge of every stage of the surrogacy journey as an aspiring mother. Cat sees infertility as an injustice and has a passion for helping others achieve their dreams in becoming parents as she did for Mary and Wes.

Together, Mary and Cat know exactly what you are going through at each step and have dedicated themselves to helping you not only fulfill your dreams but also make this the best experience possible.  

In addition to the unique perspective offered at Delivering Hope, Mary and Cat offer invaluable resources and knowledge they will share with you during your journey. The primary goal of most surrogate agencies is to match surrogates with aspiring parents and provide basic medical, psychological, and legal resources. At Delivering Hope it goes deeper than that.  We begin by getting to know everyone involved and then taking the time needed to match surrogates and aspiring parents based on many factors, including desired level of communication, goals, and personalities, as well as common values and backgrounds. During the entire process we will walk alongside you maintaining a high level of communication and support when needed, as well as practical resources— e.g., lactation consulting and spouse services— if desired.  Our service is individually tailored and we will be available for anything you need during your journey.